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History of Keys Schools

     Keys School was first established in a log home on a hill in the woods about one mile west on Stone Chapel Road and a mile or more south.

      This log home only had one room, used wood heat, water came from either a spring or well, and bathroom privileges were taken in the woods. Underpinning had not been put around the log home and in the winter, hogs would take shelter under it and grunt the day away. Buses were nonexistent, so everyone attending walked. Many walked a mile or more.

      Next, Keys School stood one mile west on Stone Chapel Road and south just past the Y. This was a small A-frame building containing two rooms. There were approximately 25 students and two teachers. An outside bathroom modernized the school a bit. Water was still drawn from a well, and heat still came from a wood stove. It was this wood stove that ended this particular building by catching it on fire.

      Keys school was then built a little south of where the fire occurred. This building consisted of two classrooms. A kitchen and dining room were built and have been turned into a home that is lived in today. Students were still walking to school, and they brought tin cups and bowls to drink and eat out of. Students were served red beans, stew, or soup everyday, and they drew drinking water from a well. There were no automated bell systems; a big dinner bell signaled the beginning and ending of school, recess, and noon break.

      Over the last 30 years, Keys School has grown and was built in its present location. The school district grew from the consolidation of White Oak (near Qualls), Pettit, Carter, Stone Chapel, and Cookson schools and the building of Lake Tenkiller. Today our enrollment exceeds 500 students.

      Keys School has expanded to include a High School. Keys' first high school graduating class was in the spring of 2005.


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